Thursday, March 20, 2008

A life recorded is twice precious, first the experience itself, then the memory of it, full and sweet, when we read about it later. ~Elain Cannon

Once upon a time, I was a scrapbooker. . .

There, it's official. I'm reaching the acceptance that I either no longer have the time or just don't wish to create the time I need to scrapbook anymore. Or perhaps, I'm just finally cleaning house and realizing decluttering my workspace of little used and vastly disorganized designer papers, punches, tapes and glues will greatly contribute to my sense of peace in this world. After all, every clean-up-your-act expert agrees that if a person hasn't used something in six months, then chances are she never will. And well . . . it's been a year. Time to donate the goods and find a new hobby.

Blogging seems to be a clutter-free endeavor, so I think I will give it fair chance to sustain my creative flow while freeing my home of excess paper.

Words can still be written. Photographs still taken, compiled, and treasured. The two may still connect peacefully into a collection of memories I wish to share.

But this time, the process doesn't completely impede the usefulness of three industrial shelves and six cabinets -- spaces, I'm sure, that will function much better as holding pens for an ever growing supply of toys and trinkets --many of which will probably be looking for a more loving home within the next year as well.

So, here I am . . . ex-scrapbooker and blogging newcomer : Leisa_T. a.k.a IdeaMom, wife to Rob, mother to three darling children, and friend to, hopefully, too many to name. Ready to face a new adventure, traverse new terrain -- in a delightfully new (to me) clutter-free way. Thank you for joining me in the journey.

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