Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Day Game for Kids -- Touch the Earth!

Touch the Earth!

Celebrate the Earth anyday with this fun exercise instruction game similar to Simon Says.
This game incorporates 5 different physical poses for children to follow. It is a fun physical and mental challenge which encourages children to remain focused and alert as the routine becomes increasingly rapid and confusing.

Before play, demonstrate each of the following positions for children.

1. Touch the Sky: Raise arms and hands up to the sky -- reaching fingertips up as high as possible.

2. Touch a Tree: Extend arms out to the side. Face hands to the front as if hugging a very large tree.

3. Touch the Mountains: Place hands on hips.

4. Touch the Earth: Squat down into a "ball" and hug knees.

5. Over the Waterfall: Lift hands up from the body and over the head while arching the back. Bend the arms at the elbows toward the back as if pushing the water over the body.

Encourage the children to follow along as you demonstrate each pose. Tell them to put on their listening ears, because in this game they will need to pay close attention to know what to do.
Begin the game by having each child practice the poses when you call them out (slowly at first, then without your demonstrating). Call each pose in the same order at first.
Let the children know you are going to start calling the positions out more quickly, and it might be a little harder to keep up. Increase the speed with each succession of poses.
Once the children seem comfortable with each pose and are able to present them quickly on your command, let them know the game is going to become a little trickier. The children will really need those listening ears to know what to do next. But don't worry, if they get confused, it is okay to stop and watch what others are doing.
Begin calling the poses in random order. Start changing the positions more and more quickly, until it is almost impossible for the children to keep up. They will likely fall over in giggles before the game is finished.

Continue the play with the each child taking turns as the caller.
Incorporate music of different tempos, changing positions to the rhythm of different songs.

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