Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Story of a Dream Come True

The emails are streaming in now with all the questions -- How did this happen? What are you going to do? So . . . here's a couple of answers so far. . . But keep checking back, more answers will come as we attempt to answer many of them for ourselves. I still feel as if I'm walking through a dream that I'm just ASTONISHED has come true. See: Some Day
Oh my goodness, people really win these things! How did this happen? Did you have to write something, or was your name just drawn from a hat?
I can't believe it either. I've watched the dream home giveaways on TV for years, and I've always entered NEVER thinking I'd win. When I saw the giveaway on myhomeideas, I figured someone had to win, and I only had a shot if I took a chance and put my name in the hat too . I'm one of those people who does enter sweepstakes, who signs up for newsletters for every giveaway that comes around, and will fill out the online surveys for the free Target gift card -- a bargain shopper and an optimist.
So . . . thank you so much to my friends who asked if I won the prize for an essay I'd written or photograph I'd taken -- I appreciate the compliment! But no, my entry was just one of I think 4.5 million that was chosen!!!

How many times did you enter?
I was told that I entered 31 times during August and September. Myhomeideas made it simple by sending me daily reminders. They still offer new giveaways each month. Right now you can win a $10,000 room makeover -- so go! Enter!

How and when did you find out?
I received a call from Jim Sexton, Lead Editor of MyHomeIdeas, on Friday, October 17th. The winner had been selected on October 15th, according to the website. He told me his name and that he was from the MyHomeIdeas website. I knew I had entered the contest, but when I got this call, it didn't click that I had won. Truly, does anyone really think they are going to win?! My first thought is that he was going to do a survey or something, so I responded in a rather quiet way. He asked me if I remembered the website and if I knew how many times I had entered the contest. I said, "Probably, a lot." He said that I entered 31 times to be exact. . . It was at this point that I thought I was probably one of three entries who got chosen -- one of us would later have a magic key or something. Or perhaps, I was going to earn a consolation prize. It STILL didn't click!
Then, Mr. Sexton paused and said, "I have some very exciting news." Finally! My heart skipped as the realization sunk in. My face felt like it was turning a deep shade of crimson. My mouth was suddenly dry. I had to drink a glass of water before I could even speak!!! When he said I WON the Windmark Beach Idea House . . . I screamed in his ear and told him I wanted to hug him and I thanked him probably about 10-15 times and I screamed some more.
More to come . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm just delighted to see this home going to a family that has given so much to our country. I wish every military family could be rewarded this way! Thank YOU, for your service to our country and keeping us free!
Cincinnati, OH

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so proud for you. I love this area, i fell in love with it this summer. I then was told about the contest and entered alot...because i wanted so much to move down there. I could have never kept it, i am so glad that you won and you will enjoy your retirement years, well deserved...you served also! And when you go to port saint joe, go to the bookstore and enjoy a cup of joe, and think of another military mom who loves that spot! Also when you eat at tucans, and enjoy the sunsets. My son was home on leave from iraq and we went down to mexico beach and fell in love with the place. Go by Beauna Vista motel and tell Lisa and Mike HI, they are nice people. Go by the lookout lounge and enjoy the music in the evenings on the deck. A great place to stop in and you and the hubby relax. Go by rubys and get a taste of some nachos that are GREAT...and then they have entertainmen and texas hold em tourneys as well.

And last but not least, enjoy the summer movies at windmark and over in port saint joe, and the fourth of july is to die for, all the fireworks and boat parades. And know this is a place your children can grow up safe, and your family can enjoy itselfs in a laid back style and if you want the city its only a 30 min or so drive past tyndall air force base, might be good for you also as they have a PX there.

Enjoy! Think of me every sunset....and know i wish i was there. I have been taking care of my soldier son, since he returned home from iraq, or him taking care of me also to make ends meet. But i do the cooking and what cleaning gets done, lol. I worry that he has no disire to get out much since he came home, did you see this happen with the other guys as they come back home? Love to stay in touch with you, if you wish.


Leisa Tobler said...

AlArmyMom . . . Thanks for sharing your connection to the area . . . I can't wait to try all your suggestions. Sounds like you might need to come on down for a little visit yourself!