Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ask Believe Receive -- The Story of our Magic Fridge.

Ask . . . Believe . . . Receive. What a great way to start the day . . . by setting your intention!
I found this necklace at A-ha Design. I love it, and think I'll buy it, because I have learned first-hand the truth in its message.

Before I won the MyHomeIdeas.com WindMark Beach House, I posted a photo of it on my refrigerator -- not in the expectation that I would win -- but as a way to claim my dream to the universe. Actually winning the home exceeded my wildest dreams. However, it solidified my belief that dreams really can and do come true if we allow them to!

You see, the WindMark Idea House was not the first home I had posted on my refrigerator. A couple of years ago, shortly before we were to move to Maryland from our last Air Force location, my husband ventured to our soon-to-be locale to hunt for houses. He brought back many brochures of homes. Two, in particular, caught my eye, but they were both valued well-above our price range. I posted them both on our refrigerator, and marked through the prices. I wrote a new price down -- about $200k lower than the original. Long story short --we wisely decided not to buy either home at that time since the real estate market seemed to be dropping. Instead, I called a few months later for a lovely rental home I had found on the internet. Thankfully, the landlord promptly accepted our application.

Much to our surprise, our new landlord was the preferred lender for the builder of one of the homes posted on our fridge. Even more amazing -- the home we would soon be living in was the EXACT floorplan of the home on the brochure.
While living in the home, with home prices dropping, we tried to purchase the home from the landlord. He simply couldn't let it go for the lower price. So, we contacted the builder on the other home we had posted on our fridge.
With the drop in prices, we were able to build the other home we loved while living in the rental -- at a considerably lower price than originally advertised!

So . . . after acquiring not one, not two, but THREE homes posted on our refrigerator -- we've begun referring to that Vision Board appliance as our Magic Fridge.

Now, I'm not saying that everyone's fridge will yield the same genie bottle response as ours. But I have come to believe that allowing dreams to come true is far more simple than we realize.

Ask . . . Believe . . . Receive. Visualize your dream today . . . you just might be amazed at the result!!

Blessings to you,

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