Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Best Beach Find Contest" -- Fun on the Beach with Kids

We're off to the beach today for a shell search. Chesapeake Beach is a shell-lovers paradise, as is our other favorite beach in Florida at Summer Dream in WindMark Beach.
Once we collect our treasures along the shore, we shall designate a "Beach's Best Find contest" -- not just for the most beautiful shell, or most perfect (least broken), mind you. I like the categories our children dream up the best.
Past winners include:
Best Shell for Painting. . . Most Holes. . . Smoothest . . . Roughest. . . Most Ridges. . . Most Colors on One Shell. . . Most Recently Lived-In. . . Funniest Looking. . . Most Artistic . . . Smelliest Shell (Check this post for tips to remove that stink.) . . . From the Scariest Creature -- the winner of this category was a 2 inch long shark's tooth.
Today, we hope to create new ways to win.
And while we are visiting the beach, we'll have to build in the sand. I love this "farewell to winter" Sandman. We can appreciate a sight like this in Maryland -- where winter-time beach combing requires a good bit of bundling to avoid the biting winter breeze. Now that Spring is in the air, we can shed a few layers and possibly some shoes, to savor some good old fashioned sand-play the way (I believe) nature intended!

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Lorie said...

I haven't been to the beach in years. Your pictures are great and I love the snowman. We don't get snow here, so that would be the only snowman we could make!