Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Cheerful New Laundry Room

My laundry room has always been a neglected space. . . a room I normally avoid, a room where I generally shut the door to forget about the clutter within. But like it or not -- with three children, pets, and an active lifestyle -- the laundry room is a space where I have no choice but to spend time.

After all these years of closing the door on the chaos, my goal this-time-around was to finally create a work room that would inspire me to, dare I say -- enjoy(!) the mundane task of clothing care.
While building the home last summer, my first request was to add a window to this room. . .
I'm very satisfied with that choice! I love how the morning sun shines brightly in this space. . . The vivid yellow (yep, I know it's bright) bounces the morning sun into adjoining rooms of the home - inspiring me to finally keep that door open. Favorite photos adorn the walls -- coastal serenity balanced with my three happy children splashing in the surf. When surrounded by such magical memories of treasured family moments -- I can't help but feel joy in this place!
Seaside treasures, pleasant aromas, and delightfully inexpensive cabinetry and rolling hampers to hide-away unsightlies finish the space.
Finally . . . after all these years, I'm proud to have a laundry room to cheerfully invite me in. It's bright and happy, yet clean, calm and peaceful at the same time. It may not be for everyone, but it's perfect for me. Yay!!

Thanks so much for featuring my new Laundry Room, Worthington Wire! What a great resource for the web!!
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Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Beautiful! We had two rooms in our old house with yellow walls. It looks great with wood floors and mexican tile. Love your laundry room!


Jennefer said...

LOVE your laundry room! It's beautiful....I sure wouldn't mind doing laundry as much if mine looked like that! Thanks for sharing!

. said...

So inspiring.


Jennifer said...

Wow I love it! It's given me great inspiration for my laundry room once I can actually call it a laundry room

by Leisa Tobler said...

Thanks for all the nice words. It's great to see all of you here.

Shilo said...

Came over from the Worthington Wire! What a cheerful space! I love doing laundry! :)