Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ways to Give Back -- Kiva Loans for Entrepreneurs

Meet Nely Guerra Amaringo. . . . She is a 45 year old single mother of three who lives in San Martin, Peru. Nely makes a living selling fruit and homemade candy within her hometown. She cooks the sweet products at home, and then walks them around to the busier places in her village to market them. She is well-received wherever she goes.
She started her business with 500 PEN (not very much money) and her own initiative. Her profits are used to support herself and her children. To support Nely's business efforts, the nonprofit organization, Kiva.Org, is happy to help. Through Kiva, Nely is able to borrow the money she needs to buy fruit and supplies to operate her business.
Today, after reading Nely's biography, we were uplifted by her entrepreneurial spirit. We decided to donate $25 to help Nely maintain her business. In exchange, Ms. Amaringo agrees to update us on her progress, and in time, will repay her debt.
You may visit Nely's page here, or visit Kiva.Org to meet many more working poor around the world. Such a small gift offers a tremendous boost in self-confidence for these hard-working business owners. A small gift tells Nely and others like her, "I believe in you. I support you. I admire your spirit, and know in my heart you will succeed."
JULY UPDATE: Nely was successful in obtaining funds for 100% of her loan. Her business continues to be successful. Since our post last month, she has already repaid 25% of her loan! Thanks to everyone who reached out to lend her a hand. And to Kiva.Org for creatively providing resources for hardworking people like Nely to realize her dream.

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