Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Can Hug

I love this photo of my daughter at play near our Summer Dream beach house at WindMark in Port St. Joe, Florida . . . It captures how I imagine her frollicking in dreamland each night.

A Magic MOMent in Dream Making. . .

We nestled down in my daughter's "flower bed" (a name my daughter sweetly coined when she first received her adored floral comforter) at dusk to partake in our nightly ritual of bedtime "dreammaking." Dreammaking weaves gratitude for today's blessings with our heart's special wishes into a blanket of dreams to comfort my daughter while she sleeps.
On this day, she was thrilled her Daddy had spent the better part of the afternoon painting her room to create a dreamy pinkaliscious retreat. We decided her room had been magically transformed into a fluffy pink cloud~ a perfect place to dream.

Each night, during dreammaking, I try to offer a little bit of wisdom and whimsy for my daughter to carry into her night. This night, the wisdom and whimsy was not mine to claim. No, it came wrapped in a five-year-old's innocent curiosity ~ a question.

Mommy, is a dream a wish? A wish that comes to you? So then you can hug it?

I nodded and said, "Yes, I believe you're right. A dream is a wish your heart can hug!"
I hugged my little dream come true, and kissed her goodnight.

Later, in my own room, I said a prayer of thanks, and carried the sweet dream my daughter had woven for me into the night.

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