Thursday, March 20, 2008

The gift of today.

It is early yet today, but I know there is much to do -- meetings scheduled, commitments, priorities, daily tasks I know will need to take place. Today, after my sons board their bus to school, I will drive my daughter to preschool, keep driving to another preschool where I will teach a weekly exercise class to other mothers' precious children. Afterward, I will attend the settlement of the home we are building, then I will return home to clean, do laundry, and prepare for my precious children's return from school. The boys want their friends to visit tonight. I wish to plan a weekend of fun, but before I can do that, I will have work reports to complete, and household items to organize. I have many purposes to fulfill on this day, and several steps I must take to manage the tasks efficiently.

But what excites me about today, is that despite intense planning, I realize surprises await. Life itself has a previously ordained purpose to fulfill today, as well. Perhaps, today will produce a surprise encounter. An opportunity to uplift a broken spirit. An important lesson to learn. A new friend to meet. Despite my precise planning, there is a today before me still planning to unfold. A gift waiting to be opened. My heart is open to the limitless possibilities as I humbly accept the blessings this day holds. I pray for the awareness and grace to recognize its great worth.

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