Friday, March 21, 2008

Love To Be Loved

"In your life, you may become a famous architect. You might establish a colony of life on Mars. It is possible for you to cure cancer. You could even teach a classroom of children to read. I have no doubt that you can and will achieve whatever your heart desires in life. And as your mother, I know for sure no one will ever be more proud of you than I am. But at this moment in your life, I watch as your classmates spontaneously run toward you and encircle my precious son in a warm embrace. And I realize that nothing could ever delight my heart more than a moment like this. -- a moment when I see how very much your friends love you. This world is so happy and so lucky to have you, Joshua, and so am I!"

This moment is time -- January, 2005 -- my son's preschool friends in Altus, OK hug him goodbye. His response: "They love me Mommy!" Yes, dear one, they do!

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