Saturday, March 22, 2008


My story did not begin here in motherhood. . .

26 years before I brought a life into this world, I lived. I have many of those stories to tell – some are quite riveting! But, my journey into motherhood is where I gained perspective. My purpose became clear. My actions, more deliberate – determined. In a way, it seemed nothing else before this time mattered. But, indeed, it all mattered. All my stories, fantasies, dreams had created the path leading to this great journey called motherhood. The moment I became a mother was the moment I stopped rushing. In this moment, I realized life was
not some quick excursion toward an undisclosed location, but rather a series of moments – stops along the way – meant to be savored and enjoyed.

Life is after all, many moments in time. Each one important. Some crucial. Some . . . well, they just take your breath away!

Life for most of us, I believe, makes sense only when we grasp our soul’s purpose. I realized when I had my first child, mothering was my calling. So this is not the beginning of my story, but rather, it is where the scene changes, the plot thickens, and the characters steal the show.
This is the reason for telling the story at all…

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