Friday, March 21, 2008

First day of Spring . . . Welcome!

This afternoon while the boys played football in the back, Ainsley and I rocked on the porch swing under our deck to watch. It was a crisp, cool day and the wind seemed to travel up through the slats in the swing, so I wrapped her up tightly in our big, fluffy brown blanket. I told her she was a baby caterpillar and this was her warm cocoon and when she awakes from her spring time nap, she would be a beautiful butterfly. She lay there for a while swinging in my lap almost dozing off until a chilly wind crept up and rattled through the trellis behind us. Pretty soon, she wiggled free of the blanket and began her springtime flight across the lawn. . .

As my butterfly princess danced, I began weeding the garden around our pond. There I discovered a family of frogs -- three parent frogs with babies on their backs and possibly more tadpoles underneath. I called Ainsley over to meet our new guests. Her brothers, seeing Ainsley's excitement, were next to us in a flash. The frogs didn't flinch - just stared at us curiously. Could they find us as interesting as we find them?! It was quite a joyful sight for all of us to see our pond so filled with life.

Butterfly naps, garden ponds, and frog families . . . what a perfect welcome to Spring!

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