Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 Years from Now -- Tribute Video

Life Time Fitness Child Center Team Tribute

The following video was a labor of a love that my husband and I created for a team and a workplace that absolutely changed my life. I had the good fortune of serving as a Child Center Activities Coordinator at a Life Time Fitness in Texas.

I believed in our team's mission to make an impact in the life of the children brought to our care. I believed in the company's focus on family and healthy lifestyle choices. And I believed in the people with whom I shared my time -- coworkers, members, friends, and hundreds of precious children. Yes, I said hundreds! Sure, we had our share of drama (as any workplace is bound to have), but I will never forget the joy or the incredible lessons learned during my time there. My life is richer for having been a part of this wonderful team.

100 Years From Now
It will not matter
what house I lived in,
the kind of car I drove,
or the size of my bank account,
But the world may be different
because I was important in the life of a child.

And. . . . a personal note about the quote chosen for this video. I don't think I ever shared this with any of my coworkers. I first saw this quote on a frame underneath the picture of a beautiful young nurse and her 9 month old son. A pediatric unit had been named in this nurse's honor after her life was taken too soon in a car accident -- the day after the photo was taken. The baby boy in the photo lived through the accident. We all know his mother's final prayer was for his life to be spared. This boy -- now almost 10 years old -- is my nephew. His mother was my brother's wife.

The beautiful nurse, Heather is her name, was well-known for her devotion to critically ill children in the hospital where she worked. She was an angel to know. Heather was often asked how she was able to work with so many terminally ill children -- surely it had to be heartbreaking. Heather's response was always, "I know where the children are going. My job is to just make their time here as comfortable and joyful as possible." Heather made a difference in the life of children and inspired me to do the same.

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