Thursday, July 03, 2008

Home to Be

Our new house . . . they are telling us it will be ready for move in on August 22. That is not a moment too soon for us. Our rental is getting lots of showings which is great for our landlord -- not so fun when you live in it with three children during the summer. We are doing our best to help him out as we would hope a tenant would do for us. But I sure can't wait to move into THIS house. Now that the kitchen cabinets are there, and the walls are painted, and its beginning to look like a house, I'm ready to make it a home -- filled with a family to love it!
More photos of the house can be found on the homebuilding blog my husband, Rob, has been updating for our family.
I can't wait to have all my friends over in that kitchen -- as I simply love to entertain! Our new neighborhood is filled with lots of military friends, so I should be able to get right back into the party mode quickly.

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