Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Wishes and Bunkroom Dreams

Our daughter's wish list this year includes:
My Little Ponies, Care Bears, Barbie Princesses . . . and for her NEW Beach house bed to move to Maryland so she can have it ALL year long. She will have her wish . . . the bed and lamps shown here (so generously given to her by will be moved up after the holiday. We'll let her enjoy it first in her brand new home by the shore. In its place, new beds will come. Enough beds to sleep 6! Our boys are already planning their bunkhouse campout for this summer!
We plan to build two sets of bunks in an L-shape on one side of the room. . . providing lighting, shelving and slumbering space for each little camper. (Of course, there will be room for grown ups here too . . . you know I'm planning a Summer Dream Getaway for my girlfriends as well!)

Photo from Coastal Living
I think this bunk is beautiful too. I'd like to create a curtain similar to this for each bunk. It just seems magical to provide each bunkmate with a secret retreat in which to dream each night. We have to dream, after all, if we wish to have a dream come true.
I love these bunks I found on MyHomeIdeas. The private desks at each end are inspired. We plan to build an extra bunk on the other side of the room between the windows. Perhaps we can create a similar place to create and play there.
This was another bunk idea from MyHomeIdeas . . . very fun, I think. We plan to provide storage underneath the bunks, either for trundles or extra toys and games.

But for now . . . since I'd like my family to savor our new Summer Dream cottage this Christmas, rather than spending all our time together building bunks (Did I mention my Dad and brother are builders?), I've chosen an economical, temporary solution by purchasing these bunks from SimplyBunkbeds Instead of the storage drawers, we will have a trundle underneath. I'm hoping these will work nicely for now, until Summer Dream's rental revenue is able to finance the more luxurious built-ins.

This is the bedding I've chosen from Linen Source. . . The peaceful shell print and reversible stripes on this quilt make it a gender-neutral choice to welcome both children and adults into peaceful slumber. . .
Now that I've spent the day shopping for the beach house, and taken care of my daughter's biggest wish by allowing her beautiful new pink bed to come to her year-round home -- I really must tackle the rest of my Christmas shopping, now. After all, I have two more wonderful children -- active boys with holiday lists of their own.
But thanks to MyHomeIdeas, our family's greatest wishes have already come true . . . If we're lucky enough to spend our holiday together in our beautiful new cottage by the beach, then (as I've said many times before) we are lucky enough, indeed!
Have a wonderful holiday season. I hope to see you soon at the Beach House!!

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