Monday, December 29, 2008

Life Is Good at the Beach House

It's official! Our children LOVED the new beach house! On Christmas morning, they enjoyed a few laughs on the coolest porch swing they ever saw.
The boys call it "gi-normous!" Their sister chimes in, "Yeah, hu-normous!"
They pose here with their new "Life is Good" shirts -- freshly ripped from packages found under the Christmas morning tree. They swing and giggle briefly for the camera before reminding their mother (and Aunt Leisa) that "We're going to the beach, remember. " A couple of minutes and a hundred yard race later, they were there!
Those pictures will follow later, along with our family's elated reactions to our new home and the amazing coastal community of Windmark Beach. Because for now -- after a wonderful Christmas week of living in a Summer Dream, a 17 hour mini-van trek with my delightful husband, three children, and Bernese Mountain dog has delivered me safely home to a "gi-normous, hu-gantic" pile of laundry to explore. All I seek now is R-E-S-T! (Well, ok . . . maybe I can post just one pic of Maggie the Beach dog.)

I do hope your holidays have been wonderful, too. As soon as we dig our way completely out of our sandy suitcases, I promise to post more pictures and stories from what my children have proclaimed was "The Best Christmas EVER!"

Blessings to you,

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