Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Fabulous New Home in Windmark Beach!!

Finally! We're here!! Here's the view that greeted us as we drove up to the home . . . the garages open to the street to the back of the home . . . inviting us to park the car and choose alternative forms of transportation -- beach cruisers, kayaks, and barefeet -- for the rest of our stay.
Flip flops welcomed our arrival to the home. The children didn't miss a beat as they shed their street shoes quickly, and chose a personal pair for their stay. We were so touched by our children's natural reaction that we have stocked enough flip flops to greet all guests at our new Summer Dream.
Porch living at it's finest . . . we sat for hours each evening in this space -- a great place for a game of cards or a coctail among friends. The porches felt like they went on and on.
Sitting here at night delights the senses. The flavor of salty air seasoned with pine. The rhythm of evening dew dancing atop tin roofs, trickling through the branches below. It felt as if we were transported deep into a Southern rainforest.
Sensational seating for a sisterly chat.
Walking along the beach on Christmas day . . . shorts, barefeet, almost 80 degree temps with our jolly crew . . .
truly was a holiday's Summer Dream!
Kayaks -- courtesy of Windmark Beach -- stand ready for a sportsman's pleasure. We're saving this adventure for next time, when the water is warm enough for me to fall into!
The bikes are provided by Windmark Sales Office for guests -- for free!!! We biked the miles of cobbled roads and boardwalks for hours!
The home truly was more fabulous in person! There was room for everbody to enjoy a movie or a meal in the main room. Then at bedtime, each person had a private space in which to retreat. A perfect place for a holiday reunion!
The carriage house above the garage offered a great getaway for the grandparents. The children loved visiting them there every morning.
Our children never wanted to leave. My son said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live here year round, and bring all our friends! This house and this neighborhood are AWESOME!" You can't get higher praise than that, especially from a nine-year-old.
Like him, I wish we could live here year round. But I also agree this will be a terrific place to welcome guests. The best part of having a Summer Dream come true is sharing it with others. . . I hope you can come visit soon.
When you are ready to plan your own Summer Dream vacation, here is the angel to call . . . Patti Stroud, our property manager from Southern Resorts, worked tirelessly prior to our arrival to prepare the home for us. She noticed every little detail, brought in the cleaning team, worked with all the contractors to ensure everything was hooked up and running for us when we got there. We have been absolutely blessed by Patti's hard work and enthusiasm, and know she will take exceptionally good care of our guests. Give her a call at (850)229-1350 or click on the Summer Dream photo on the blog to book your stay.
We know your family will love Windmark as much as we do! We can't wait to welcome you to your Summer Dream.


Kim said...

It is so great to see the house and your lovely family enjoying it. We at worked so hard on the idea House we're thrilled to see it actually being lived in.

Happy new year and enjoy the house!

Leisa said...

Thank you for your kind words, Kim. We could see all the love your team at had poured into the home. And words just can't express how thankful we are to accept such a wonderful gift! We hope to someday meet all the wonderful people who made our dream come true. Many thanks to all of you!