Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lucky Enough! Works in Progress at the Idea House.

Many people are surprised to realize only a portion of the furnishings were conveyed to us as part of the prize package from MyHomeIdeas.com. . . Many of the tables and all of the artwork was on loan for staging purposes. But, the important items remained: all the gorgeous outdoor furniture from Frontgate, all of the upholstered furnishings, window treatments, beds and luxurious bedding. We were thrilled with the home as it was (with or without the pricey artwork), and ever grateful for this experience. As I say, "If you are lucky enough to be at the beach, you are lucky enough." This sign was our first purchase -- located in the laundry room, and the guest's entry to the home. Read Some Day to learn its significance.
We were thrilled to add a few of our own touches to the home. As you can see, the home is still a work-in-progress. But, we are certain to have it in tip-top shape before Spring when, hopefully, our big rental season will begin.
We replaced the missing dining table with a great buy from World Market. The weathered finish of this table is perfect for active families in the beach house. It also neatly stows a bench underneath. So, for our holiday meals, we simply pulled the table away from the window, and had enough space to fit all the troops. The chairs were still in the house from before, but we were able to find an inexpensive look-alike alternative for the barstools at Target.
The artwork was missing in the master bedroom. Luckily, we found stunning replacements at Trask Design Studio in Port St. Joe's lovely shopping district on Reid Street.
This bed sadly had to be moved from the coral bedroom to accomodate a more appropriate location for the children's room in the main house. But we thought it looked lovely in person with the striped walls. Now that I see the picture, however, I'm not as convinced. Hmmm. All the girly decor (lamps, pillows, etc.) have been relocated to our home in Maryland. Updated photos will follow of this room -- now outfitted from another lovely shop in Port St. Joe -- Portside Trading Company. The staff at Portside Trading were exceptionally helpful, allowing us to bring home pieces to try out in the space. Once we have new photos with all the furniture, I can decide if the room color will work.
These beds from SimplyBunkbeds.com look very nice in the coral room. This, as you see, is still a work-in-progress. Your ideas are welcome! I think we just need pillows and artwork and extra lighting to tie it all together.
I do like how the white bunks brighten the space. We placed a bunk on each wall with trundles underneath. There's enough bunkspace here to sleep 6! We also added a double ottoman sleeper to the main room.
Summer Dream can comfortably accommodate a slumbering party of 14. . . perfect for a family reunion. You will find that splitting the bill for a vacation home between a couple of other families (instead of booking individual hotel rooms) allows you a little more pocket change for shopping on Reid Avenue.
We'll post completed photos of the rooms as we have them. . . each weekend my family and friends from the Gulf Coast have been visiting Summer Dream to give each room just a little more love. Many thanks to My Dream Team!
And Blessings to all of you,

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