Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Pictures from the Porch -- Summer Dream Porch Party 2009

What a joy to spend time with family Summer Dream. Here I am with my sister, Buffie, Mom, daughter, and my Pops.
My daughter listens to shells with Aunt Tabs . . . "I hear nothing, what about you?" she exclaims.
My mother is pictured here with friends from their self-proclaimed, "Porch Group." I like to call them the Ya-Ya's. Spending an evening with them made me cry with laughter.
My daughter looks more like her prized Aunt Buffie than she does her mom!
More friends and neighbors . . . I was so thrilled to share the time with them.
The gals on the porch . . . the stories flowed like wine, and well, we had lots of that too! What a Summer Dream come true!!

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