Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer Fun Activities -- Nautical Knots

School's out for summer (well, almost -- we still have a few days before the troops come home). This summer, I'm sharing a few activities I'll be using to keep my children entertained. Since we have a home so close to the Chesapeake, I thought a few skip-jack skills could be useful to learn.

This week's project: NAUTICAL KNOTS.

I've purchased a nautical shadow box showcasing the most common knots. I did some research to find the best knot tying lessons on the web.
Animated Knots was the most helpful site I found on the subject. Just click on each knot on the site for Video Instructions. The photos make it easy for any skill level to follow. Check it out before and wow your children with your knot-tying skill, or invite them to peruse the site with you.

So, head out to the garage or the craft store to pick up some rope, link onto Animated Knots, and before you know it, you and your child be tying knots like a Chesapeake Bay waterman.

And please, come back to IdeaMom to share your stories here, and find more Summer Fun Activities.

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