Friday, March 21, 2008

Nature Princess

My nature princess. . .

When you were a baby and would get a little fussy before bedtime, your father would bundle you up in a warm blanket like a coccoon, take you outside and walk through the yard. No matter how tired or fussy you were -- one step into the fresh, cool night air would always light up your face in a smile. The delicate breeze calmed you like you a gentle kiss before bedtime.
We knew then that you would always prefer the outdoors. And we were right. You love to run and dance and play in the leaves. You find such delight in the flowers, the ladybugs, the birds, the frogs swimming through our pond, the squirrels running through the trees. You giggle when the breeze sweeps through your hair. You name each cloud floating by on sunny days.

In nature's wonder is where you stay. It is where you belong.

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