Monday, November 24, 2008

Ready to Meet Our New Neighbors

Our trip to Port St. Joe and the new beach house this Christmas is all our family can talk about! We are preparing to meet a few of the locals.
Scallops! Port St. Joe is famous for them!
What fun it will be to go horseback riding on the beach!! Horses are provided by Two Bit Stables. Our dog will be a welcome visitor, too. K-9 magazine once awarded Port St. Joe the title of Best Dog Beach in the U.S! Gulf County is the ONLY county in Florida that allows our pampered pooch to walk along its shores.

Windmark Beach is the only Florida Development to obtain a "Wildlife Friendly" certification. The community's specialized lighting ensures that nesting sea turtles will always feel welcome along their beach!

One of my favorite locals -- dolphins in the St. Joe Bay.

Fiddler crabs in the water . . . watch your step!

White Ibises fill the sky.

A Florida Gator might even show up for a visit at St. Joseph's nature reserve.

And a walk through the woods could invite curiousity from a land local. . .
Our nature-loving family will surely have a grand time making friends with all our new neighbors!

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